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LeaseElectricCar urges EV owners to rent out their parking spaces

Nic Ryan

According to LeaseElectricCar, savvy homeowners could make thousands by renting out their electric vehicle (EV) home charge points.
This is because EVs typically only require charging a couple of times per week – depending on how often the car is used and how many miles are driven – leaving charge points unused for the majority of the time. Such availability can be better utilised, to make money by renting out the space and charge point to other EV drivers.
This comes as a particular advantage for EV charge point owners who live in areas with very few charge points, and offers more choices to EV drivers to prevent and reduce wait times at busier charge point locations.

Data shows that on average it costs £17 to charge an electric vehicle from 0 to 100% at home. Thanks to community charging solutions such as Zap-Home, savvy homeowners could cash in £2,600 each year by renting their parking space out to two motorists each week for £25.

“Homeowners who are not already renting out their car parking spaces with home charging devices are seriously missing out,” said Tim Alcock from LeaseElectricCar.co.uk.
“It’s such a simple way to make some extra money, and you could easily make thousands of pounds a year by not lifting a finger.
“Instead of letting your EV chargepoint just sit there empty for the majority of the week, consider renting out the space to make a quick buck. And with the rising cost-of-living crisis ever looming, it’s a no brainer."

How to add a your home charger to the Zap-Home network

Adding your home charger to the Zap-Home network is simple and gives you total control, allowing you to offer your home charge point under your own conditions.

Download the Zapmap app and register for an account. In the ‘Settings’ tab you’ll find ‘Add home point,’ which gives you step-by-step instructions on how to add the point, details the information required, and even lets you link your account to JustCharge by JustPark, a platform that makes your space available to both Zapmap and JustPark users.

Access times and charging costs are set by the owner, the peer-to-peer payment mechanism PayPal.Me is also available.

See all of the Zap-Home charge points in your area by opening the web map or Zapmap app, and filter by ‘Network’, selecting Zap-Home.


Screengrabs of the Network filter screen and Zap-Home points on the Zapmap app


“Take advantage of this and rent out your charge points for drivers this summer needing to power their vehicles," Alcock continued. "Based on demand there is always the opportunity to increase prices too.
“Over the warmer months more motorists will be making long distances on holidays and seeing friends and family. These EV drivers will no doubt need a place to stop and charge up, and it’s easy to make your driveway the solution.
“There is certainly serious money to be made by renting out your driveway and at-home charge point, and savvy homeowners should jump on the opportunity straight away.”


For more information, take a look at our Zap-Home network page.