GeniePoint EV charging hub is a first at Morrisons lower environmental impact store

GeniePoint EV charging hub is a first at Morrisons lower environmental impact store


EQUANS has launched its first GeniePoint electric vehicle (EV) charging hub, as part of the new Morrisons lower environmental impact store in Little Clacton, Essex. Available for use by anyone in the local area or those visiting the store, the new hub means customers can recharge as they shop.

While utilising the charging hub, customers can make the most of the other facilities provided by Morrisons, such as shopping for ranges of local produce, enjoying hot and cold food, or indeed grabbing a coffee at the Market Kitchen and making use of the indoor and outdoor seating areas.

The hub, which opened to the public on 7th July, includes a total of 14 charge points, ranging from 7kW to 300kW – all powered by renewable energy.

All of the chargers are part of the GeniePoint network and are accessible via Zap-Pay, contactless payment, the GeniePoint app and RFID card – offering multiple ways to access to suit driver convenience.

“We’re delighted to have opened our first GeniePoint EV charging hub at Morrisons new lower environmental impact store. The ultra-rapid chargers will provide a fast and convenient charging experience, to keep drivers on the move,” said Dee Humphries, Director of EV Solutions at EQUANS UK & Ireland.

“Supermarkets play a key role in the uptake of electric vehicle use by offering convenient charging, helping to make the transition to EV easier – ultimately supporting the UK’s goals to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050. The charging hub contributes to this objective – providing drivers with access to rapid charging facilities in a key location.”

The hub includes four 7kW Alfens, four 22kW Alfens, two 75kW Alpitronics, two 150kW Alpitronics and two 300kW Alpitronics. The 300kW charger is now the fastest charger on the GeniePoint network, delivering a 0% to 80% charge in as little as eight minutes.

As a Zap-Pay partner, GeniePoint charging sessions conducted using Zap-Pay from 9th September to 9th October inclusive will go into a prize draw, offering three Zap-Pay users the chance to win a month’s free charging.

The offer applies to Zap-Pay charging sessions on the more than 3,000 Zap-Pay enabled devices across the country, including all 14 devices at Little Clacton. This means the more times users pay for charging using Zap-Pay from 9th September to 9th October, the more likely they are to win.

Entry is simple: use Zap-Pay to charge your car. Every instance of a Zap-Pay charge from 9th September to 9th October will go into a prize draw. Users will also need to email stating they’d like to enter the Zap-Pay prize draw, using the email address registered on their Zap-Map account.

On 10th October, Zap-Map will randomly select a handful of Zap-Pay charging sessions that took place in the allotted time period – to pull out three lucky winners.

geniepoint ev charging hub morrisons, little clacton

The hub’s 14 charge points range from 7kW to 300kW.

EQUANS has been working in partnership with Morrisons since 2019 to make EV charging more accessible for drivers across the UK. A significant milestone was recently achieved through the partnership, with over half of Morrisons stores now having GeniePoint EV chargers.

At present, the network comprises around 800 chargers, with almost 600 of these rapid or ultra-rapid devices. There are currently more than 250 GeniePoint EV charge points at Morrisons stores across the UK. The majority of these chargers are 50kWh rapid charge points, meaning that customers can typically expect their EV to reach an 80% charge within 45 minutes.

“This hub is a significant milestone for GeniePoint and our relationship with Morrisons, providing a testament for our commitments to accelerate EV adoption across the UK – by providing quick and convenient charging for everyone,” Humphries concluded.