Ultra-rapid InstaVolt charging hub opens in Norfolk

InstaVolt partners with the National Farmers Union


Rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging network InstaVolt has partnered with NFU Energy in order to aid the UK’s transition to decarbonised transport. The partnership sees InstaVolt named as NFU Energy’s new rapid charging provider.

The two organisations will collaborate on projects to aid the UK in its transition to decarbonisation, with the aim of supporting the agricultural sector in diversifying as well as working towards a more sustainable future approaching net zero.

Given the right circumstances, landowners and members of the farming community will benefit from additional income through the installation of rapid chargers.

“InstaVolt is dedicated to helping the agriculture and farming sector improve its carbon footprint. I’m delighted by NFU Energy’s decision to announce us as its new rapid public charger provider. Charger installations provide landowners with the perfect opportunity to make additional income from their land, and we’re delighted to support farmers looking to diversify their portfolios,” said InstaVolt Chief Executive Officer, Adrian Keen.

“This partnership will help InstaVolt deliver on its pledge to grow the network to 10,000 chargers and offer reliable rapid chargers to additional locations around the UK, thus helping combat range anxiety – a major barrier to EV uptake.”

The InstaVolt-built Stroud Park hub on the M40 has become one of the busiest charging hubs for electric vehicles in the UK. Using InstaVolt expertise in identifying suitable locations, landowners and farmers can benefit from the conversion of low-grade land into valuable sites on the UK’s strategic road network. Locations with farm-shops can also benefit from the extra footfall and increased dwell time.

“As well as providing NFU members a fruitful additional revenue stream, working with InstaVolt’s dedicated team will allow landowners to play a major part in helping the country move towards a more sustainable future and help to deliver adequate EV infrastructure as the country moves closer to its net zero/the 2030 deadline,” Keen continued.

The InstaVolt network currently consists of around 700 public rapid and ultra-rapid chargers nationwide and continues to expand, with the network recently pledging to install 10,000 InstaVolt chargers by 2030.

“NFU Energy is delighted to be working with InstaVolt. The partnership will enable us to provide both NFU members and non-members the opportunity to earn money by renting out pieces of land,” said NFU Energy Managing Director, Tim Crocker.

“Through this new partnership our aim is to help facilitate the many infrastructure changes necessary to meet net zero, curb ‘range anxiety’ for our EV users and to provide substantial diversification opportunities to farmers and land-owners across the UK.”