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LCP signs partnership deal with PoGo for ultra-rapid EV charging infrastructure

Nic Ryan

LCP, the national commercial property and investment company, has partnered with PoGo to deliver the installation of 329 ultra-rapid electric vehicle (EV) charge points across 89 retail developments in England, Scotland and Wales. 

The installation will be fully funded by PoGo, is due to begin in Q1 2024 and is expected to take 18 months to complete.

“Over the past couple of years we have installed 78 rapid EV charging points in 36 of our locations but working with PoGo will enable us to quadruple our EV charging offer, means customers to our retail sites will have access to 329 safe and convenient chargers, providing a charging solution to 658 EV customers,” said James Buchanan, Group Managing Director of LCP Group.

“It is a young company, but we are impressed with its ambitions and are confident PoGo will help us to meet our responsibilities. 

“We understand only too well that the UK needs a good infrastructure of EV chargers, so we are playing our part in getting the country ready for a nationwide network for drivers.”

PoGo is a Zapmap Live Data partner, this means that users of the Zapmap app and desktop map can access the live status and availability of PoGo’s charge points at any time, making their journey planning and EV charging simpler.

“This agreement is a perfect example of two organisations coming together to deliver a shared ambition, getting the right infrastructure in the right place, to serve the right people, “ said Stuart Douglas, Managing Director of PoGo.

“Proven reliability, both of our technology and our operational delivery, were key to securing this exciting partnership.

“While we are a young business, we have an established pedigree and are financially well-invested by our parent company, making us the perfect choice for LCP and other similarly engaged landowners and management businesses.”

The charge point installations will include the PoGo Touch, an EV charger with a power range of 50-600kW - the fastest charger speeds of any charge point in the UK - though charging times will vary depending on an EV’s charging capacity.

The PoGo Touch has an easy-to-use 32-inch touch screen to display tariff and payment instructions as well as providing a platform for local retailers to promote in-store discounts and other incentives.