Milestone for public EV charging as 10,000 locations reached

Milestone for public EV charging as 10,000 locations reached


The UK now has public electric vehicle charge points at more than 10,000 locations, according to the latest statistics from Zap-Map. This milestone has been reached after more than 3,500 new charging locations have been added to Zap-Map in the last 12 months.

When looking at the profile of these 10,000 charging locations, the most common category is on-street sites, which includes both general on-street units in towns and cities and also residential units. These account for 30% of the total and are often cited as important infrastructure to ensure all EV drivers are able to charge their car – not just those with off-street parking.

Car parks – whether public, retail or park & ride – account for a further 25% of all charging locations across the UK giving EV drivers a place to charge when going about day to day activities. Enabling charging when staying away from home, facilities are provided at more than 1,400 hotels and B&Bs across the UK.

Service stations account for only 4% of the total charging locations, however these are predominantly rapid chargers, essential for long distance travel, with charging points available at all motorway service areas across the UK.

milestone public ev charging 10000 locations reached

Overall there has been a 53% increase in charging locations since this time last year. Growth has been most significant in on-street EV charging, with 2,100 new locations representing a 232% increase.

Public car parks saw more than 300 new locations added in 12 months, and retail car parks were third with more than 230 sites. This has been driven by significant installations at supermarket chains including Tesco, Lidl and Morrisons.

Public transport infrastructure has improved considerably compared to last year, with airports (57%), railway stations (45%), and bus stations (36%) showing the greatest growth rates after on-street locations.

Service stations showed a growth of 38% – expect more growth in this type of location in 2020 as both BP Chargemaster and Shell Recharge ramp up their installation plans.

milestone public ev charging 10000 locations reached

With the 10,000 location milestone reached, there are more than 16,000 devices available for UK EV drivers, and approaching 28,000 connectors installed. Click below for further EV charging statistics.


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