NewMotion and InCharge agree roaming deal

NewMotion and InCharge agree roaming deal


Vattenfall and NewMotion have announced a new roaming agreement, which will allow EV drivers registered with either network access to more than 400 public charge points in the UK.

A single RFID card or app will work with NewMotion units and Vattenfall’s InCharge points. The agreement starts in September, and both firms are looking to expand the partnership further in future.

Anthony Hinde, director of InCharge, said: “The UK EV driver experience has just got that little bit simpler. What is the norm in many European countries – seamless, simple, flexible public charging options as a result of roaming agreements between operators – is still a rarity in the UK.

“Our agreement with NewMotion is therefore an important step forward and will encourage the uptake of EVs in the UK.”

Sytse Zuidema, CEO of NewMotion: “Access to good charging infrastructure is a key consideration for drivers before they make the switch to driving an electric vehicle.

“Roaming agreements between charge point operators help to create a charging network where it’s easy to charge at any provider’s charge point. With this roaming agreement we both take the lead in creating a wider accessible charging network and make it easier for EV drivers to connect to the charging infrastructure in the UK.

“We welcome Vattenfall’s EV drivers to our charging network, which is already Europe’s largest network with over 118,000 charge points in more than 30 countries.”

You can find out more about either network at Zap-Map’s Public Network Guides page, or find EV charge points by visiting the map on the link below.