Pod Point to offer 150kW rapid chargers

Pod Point to offer 150kW rapid chargers


Pod Point has announced that it is now offering 150kW rapid chargers in the UK, in anticipation of a new generation of EVs due in the next year or so.

Most EVs currently available are only able to charge at a maximum of 50kW from a rapid DC unit, typically using a CCS or CHAdeMO connector. However, both charging standards have said that faster charging speeds are possible through the connectors with increase power, and EVs due in 2018 and over the next few years will be able to charge at these speeds.

Currently only Tesla owners are able to charge faster than 50kW, with the company’s Supercharger network able to charge at around 120kW. Pod Point’s new rapid chargers will be offer faster charging still, an essential development as battery capacities increase and EV ownership rises.

The future-proof units continue Pod Point’s quick shift into rapid charging. The company reports that its rapid chargers have proved extremely popular with users, and see the move forward – before EVs arrive capable of 150kW charging – as an easy decision to make.

The charge points are modular in design, with operators able to specify a 150kW+ transformer, while installing 50kW chargepoints. These can then be upgraded to deliver faster charging speeds at a later date.

Erik Fairbairn, CEO of Pod Point, said: “It will always be most convenient for EV drivers to charge their cars while not in use, such as overnight at home or at the workplace. But, access to rapid charging is still vital for those making long journeys, and these high power rapids will be ideal to support the new wave of premium EVs with en-route highway charging.

“Using our high power 150kW rapids, an EV with a 90kWh battery would be able to charge from flat to 80 per cent in under 30 minutes. It’s hugely exciting that Pod Point can now support the faster charging capabilities of this upcoming generation of EVs.”

Find existing Pod Point chargers on Zap-Map by using the network filters. New units will be added as they go live.