Standard purchase deals to be available for VW e-Golf

Standard purchase deals to be available for VW e-Golf


Volkswagen has announced that the electric-driven VW e-Golf will be sold just like any other Golf.

The company will not separate battery rental from the purchase of the car, unlike Renault’s approach with the Zoe, meaning that customers who buy the e-Golf will also be buying the batteries.

There will be no special incentives like part-subsidised “rental” of other models for a limited number of days per year, which is a scheme used by BMW for buyers of the electric-powered BMW i3.

Instead, VW dealers will negotiate special discounts on car hire from Europcar if e-Golf customers need to drive further than the car’s claimed 118-mile range, or into areas with inadequate charging infrastructure.

However, as can be seen on Zap-Map live, the rapidly increasing network on charging stations means very few owners will ever really need to take up this offer.

However, VW does have an agreement in place with British Gas, which will install a free home charging station.

At £25,845 after the application of the ongoing £5,000 government discount, the e-Golf will be cheaper than flagship Golfs like the GTI and GTD, which use petrol and diesel respectively.

Only 24 Volkswagen dealers in the UK, all in high population density areas, have been trusted with and trained in selling the e-Golf, but customers are expected to come primarily from companies. A business use lease scheme is in development but is not ready to be announced yet.

BT, Western Morning News