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ubitricity to deliver 525 more EV charge points in Wandsworth

Nic Ryan

Wandsworth Council has announced the rollout of a further 525 new 5kW lamp post EV charge points across the borough.

The borough currently has around 1,500 charge points as the result of a partnership with supplier, ubitricity -  these charge points are all powered from 100% renewable, zero carbon sources.

ubitricity manufactures and operates electric vehicle charge points incorporated into new and existing lamp-posts and bollards. Because there is no need to dig up the pavement – the charge points’ electricity supply is from the lamp-post feed – installation is faster and cheaper than with a conventional unit.

“We are actively putting in place the key infrastructure needed to help our residents who want to make the switch from petrol and diesel to electric,” said Jenny Yates, Cabinet Member for Transport.

“We will continue to invest in this technology as part of our efforts to improve the borough’s air quality and also to help us deliver our ambitious climate change targets.”

ubitricity is a Zapmap dynamic data partner, meaning that users of the Zapmap app and web map can view the status and availability of ubitricity charge points when planning their charging session. Find ubitricity charge points by using the network filter settings within the app.

“The current surge in EV sales is driving increased demand for charging facilities and this can create issues for drivers who don’t have access to off-street charging where they live,” said Toby Butler, ubitricity’s UK Managing Director.

“By expanding their EV charge point network to provide convenient facilities for both residents and businesses using electricity from 100 per cent renewable sources, Wandsworth Council is making the transition to EV easier and helping give drivers the confidence to make the switch.”