VEPower Ltd launches world’s first autonomous grid-free EV charger

VEPower Ltd launches world’s first autonomous grid-free EV charger


Last week, at the APEA Live show, VEPower Ltd revealed its VEPod® demonstrator unit, the world’s first autonomous drop-in electric vehicle (EV) charging solution with no grid connection requirement.

According to the company, the VEPod generates its own green electricity and will deliver ultra-rapid charging speeds at 350kW.

“The VEPod will help accelerate electric vehicle adoption by providing clients with an immediate solution for all their charging requirements, with no need for civil works, no capital outlay and no impact on constrained power networks,” said Daniel Cross, Group CEO at VEPower Ltd.

The new unit from VEPower aims to address the fact that customers with limited electric power on site have found that EV charging speeds have been slower if multiple vehicles are trying to charge simultaneously. This extends charging times and leads to a loss of productivity. The modular VEPod solution generates its own electricity using renewable fuels and can deliver a charge at the ultra-rapid rate of 350kW.

“Clients will now be able to charge their entire fleet at the fastest possible rates whilst simply paying for the electricity produced by the VEPod,” added Mike Nairn, Group Operations Director, VEPower Ltd.

“This fully managed solution is fast to deploy, requires no electric grid connection, minimises charging time and promotes fleet efficiency.”

Presenting a solution to help rapid rollout of electric vehicles from commercial to consumer, and providing EV drivers with confidence to drive long distances, commercial-scale modular 1MW VEPod units will be available for client installation during the coming year.