Wallbox launches in UK

Wallbox launches in UK


EV charge point manufacturer Wallbox is expanding into the UK, with three new smart units available at launch.

All products are able to charge at up to 22 kW and are designed to be suitable for domestic or commercial usage. The three options – Pulsar, Commander, and Copper – allows users to load balance energy usage.

By connecting to the myWallbox system, owners can schedule charging times to take advantage of cheaper energy costs, and balance the energy use between home and EV.

Pulsar is a compact charging solution, and Copper has facial recognition access and gesture control – both of which are targeted to domestic users. Copper is also pitched as a commercial unit, and Commander features a 7-inch touchscreen to access functions. All will be launched at the Cenex LCV 2018 event next week.

Enric Asuncion, joint founder and CEO, said: “Customer understanding and innovation are fundamental to our approach. We have to remember that when people buy a plug-in vehicle, they are taking control and owning their mobility-energy for the first time. This is a big and very liberating change.

“To date the emergence of electric propulsion has mostly been framed in terms of societal and environmental change. We recognise these big issues but are also responding with a new design language, one that rewards the important choices people are making with solid engineering, creativity and functionality to deliver charging solutions that have emotion and flair.”

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