Zap-Map integrates London’s new TfL EV rapid charging network

Zap-Map integrates London’s new TfL EV rapid charging network


With the launch of Transport for London’s (TfL) EV rapid charger network today (Monday 19th March), Zap-Map can announce that all charge points are available to find across its desktop and app platforms, including Taxi Only units.

The new network sees 100 new rapid chargers added to the capital’s streets, with 51 of those dedicated for use by taxi drivers. Rolled-out as part of TfL’s air quality plans, electric vehicles are being backed as important ways to prevent air pollution, thanks to zero-tailpipe emissions.

Working closely with TfL, Zap-Map has added a Taxi Only filter, available on Zap-Map app and desktop, which highlights those new rapid chargers which are for Hackney Cab drivers only, and which are also for public use. Dynamic data provides live updates to the charge point with the status checked every five minutes.

The dynamic data updates will help minimise potential queuing times, or trips to out-of-service points, with drivers able to see up-to-the-minute status updates as to whether a charge point is available or not. Registered Zap-Map users can also assign their vehicle as part of their settings, showing only those points compatible with their model.

All chargers are available on a PAYG basis, with the ESB EV Solutions devices requiring drivers to download an app or use an RFID card, whilst the Chargemaster points offer contactless payment or, for public points, payment via POLAR plus RFID card. Each of the newly available rapid chargers is capable of charging an EV from 0-80% in 20-30 minutes depending on model, increasing the effectiveness of even a five minute charge.

zap-map map - taxi only filter 

Melanie Shufflebotham from Zap-Map says: “We are delighted to be selected as TfL’s mapping launch partner for this rollout of rapid chargers in London. These 100 rapid chargers are in addition to the 1,300 rapid chargers already showing on Zap-Map, and with the live data, this important development will provide both taxi drivers and the wider EV community an increasing number of charging options.”

Sadiq Kahn, Mayor of London, said: “The roll-out of rapid charging points marks a big step forward in the shift to zero-emission vehicles, which the capital desperately needs to clean up our toxic air.”

David Martell, Chief Executive of Chargemaster said: “It’s fantastic to see our UK-made Ultracharge rapid chargers on the streets of London, including public sites that expand our nationwide POLAR network. The rollout of these new rapid chargers will play an important role in reducing pollution in the capital and improving air quality for Londoners.”

Michael Quigley, General Manager of Electric Supply Board (ESB) in the UK, commented: “We are proud that ESB’s expertise and track record in the electromobility sector will support the expansion of the rapid charging network across London, which in turn will help electrify the city’s iconic black taxi fleet.

Discover more about TfL Taxi networks with Zap-Map’s network pages. Aspects such as access and pricing are available on the Chargemaster Taxi and ESB EV Solutions network guides.

Find the new TfL rapid charge points, with Taxi Only filter, on Zap-Map.