Zap-Map shows live status on almost 70% of UK charge points

Zap-Map shows live status on almost 70% of UK charge points


With the recent addition of live status data from the ChargePlace Scotland network, Zap-Map now has live status updates on 68% of the UK’s public EV charging points.

Looking at the geographical breakdown, with the inclusion of the new network, Scotland is now the top home country in terms of dynamic data coverage; Zap-Map now shows live status updates on 83% of public charge points in Scotland.

As a country, Scotland is well-served with EV charging infrastructure having around 1,900 charge points displayed on Zap-Map, the majority of which are part of Transport for Scotland’s extensive ChargePlace Scotland network.

The total for England (inc. London) sees over 15,000 charge points in the country, with 66% of these having live status updates on Zap-Map. Coverage in Wales is at 36%, from a total of 620 charge points, whilst Northern Ireland has 73% coverage from more than 300 chargers. Public EV charge points are also available to view in the Republic of Ireland where Zap-Map has 70% dynamic coverage, and approaching 800 charge points on the map.

At a regional level, Greater London has both the highest number of charge points at more than 5,000 and also is the top region for live status with over 86% having coverage.

zap map shows live status 70 uk charge points

Melanie Shufflebotham, COO and Joint MD at Zap-Map, commented: “We are very pleased to add ChargePlace Scotland live status to Zap-Map. Having accurate and up to date information on charge point availability is always one of the top items on Zap-Map users’ wish-lists.

This extension of our live status data, providing updates on charge point status every five minutes, means that most public charging points now have live status. This, combined with the last mile updates from our user base, means that EV drivers can be even more confident to undertake longer journeys to unfamiliar locations.”

The addition of ChargePlace Scotland’s dynamic data makes locating available charge points and planning longer journeys even easier for EV drivers. However, at time of publication the country is in lock-down due to the coronavirus outbreak. As such, Zap-Map encourages drivers to follow government guidelines, and only essential travel should be undertaken by EV drivers.

It is hoped that those EV drivers undertaking essential travel and relying on public EV charge points in Scotland will benefit from this latest development now, and that the ChargePlace Scotland dynamic data will prove useful for other Zap-Map users once travel restrictions have been lifted.

The addition of this important new dynamic partner comes as Zap-Map continues to work with other charge point networks, and also to develop new features to make charging an EV on the public network as simple as possible. Coming next is Zap-Pay, to be released in the next few months, which will allow users to access and pay for charge points through the Zap-Map app.

Find charge points with live status across the UK, including ChargePlace Scotland points, by using the network filters on Zap-Map app or desktop. You can find where to download Zap-Map here, or head to the iTunes App Store or Google Play for iOS or Android devices respectively.