Zest invests in new charging facilities at popular Cornish hotel

Zest invests in new charging facilities at popular Cornish hotel


Electric vehicle (EV) charging provider Zest has invested in new facilities for Talland Bay, a popular luxury hotel on a secluded stretch of the Cornish coastline.

The facilities are provided, operated and maintained by Zest, meaning there will be no costs or operational overheads for the hotel as well as helping to ensure the long-term reliability of the charging points.

“For us it’s about more than reducing our carbon footprint. Choosing Zest shows others across the hospitality and leisure sector how easy it is to benefit from a fully managed service,” said Kevin O’Sullivan, the owner of Talland Bay Hotel.

“More importantly, it gives our customers what they need as the demand for electric vehicles continues to grow.”

The Talland Bay Hotel is known for its secluded location, spectacular sea views and authentic Cornish cuisine. The hotel was also featured in Muddy Stiletto’s ‘Little Black Book’.

The new facilities are the latest element of the hotel’s environmental policy, which already includes a water treatment plant and sourcing ingredients from local producers. The pair of fast charging ports run on 100% renewable energy.

“A new movement of climate-conscious travellers is looking for reliable, convenient, and abundant EV charging,” Robin Heap, Zest CEO added.

“That’s where we step in, helping successful, forward-looking destinations like Talland Bay Hotel to take their place in the EV revolution.”

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The chargers are provided, operated and maintained by Zest.

Launched in 2021 to fill gaps in destination charging infrastructure, Zest invests in public charge points for public and private landowners across the UK. It is backed by the Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund (CIIF), a dedicated fund established by the government to help develop public charging infrastructure points for electric vehicles throughout the UK.

The company aims to make charging available where people normally park, whether it is on-street, at work, when shopping or at leisure.

As well as the installation of a charging hub at Merry Hill in the West Midlands, Zest has recently installed charging points at a number of rural locations across the UK, including North Yorkshire and at hotels in the Hebrides.