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Xpeng to build another factory in Wuhan

The Chinese electric car manufacturer Xpeng has announced the construction of another plant. It is to be built in Wuhan and will have an annual capacity of 100,000 cars. A timetable for the start of construction has not yet been given. The...

Polestar aims to go fully climate neutral

In Polestar’s first annual review, the Swedish electric performance car brand announced its goal to create the first truly climate neutral car by 2030. Environmental experts have warned that offsetting is not sustainable in the long run. Questions around the long-term carbon-storage capacity...

Tesla breaks electric car delivery record

Tesla has announced new record deliveries of 184,800 electric cars during the first quarter of 2021. Q1 of any year is traditionally a slow quarter for car companies, and especially so during the pandemic, which makes the achievement even more remarkable. From...