100% electric Nissan LEAF drives Bristol Green capital 2015

100% electric Nissan LEAF drives Bristol Green capital 2015


A fleet of five 100% electric Nissan LEAFs will provide the driving force behind Bristol’s year-long stint as Europe’s Green Capital.

The British-built models, which offer zero emissions mobility, will be used by the Bristol Green Capital 2015 team to deliver an action-packed programme of inspirational events across the city throughout the year.

It is the first time Green Capital status has been awarded in the UK and the initiative aims to make Bristol Britain’s most liveable city and a role model for city living worldwide.

The Nissan LEAF – the world’s bestselling electric car – offers a sustainable, low-impact and low cost transport solution for the organisers that fits perfectly with the event’s environmental ethos.

Zoe Sear, Director at Bristol 2015 Ltd, said: “Transport is one of five themes that we are focusing on during our year as the UK’s first European Green Capital.

“For us, these five branded Nissan LEAFs are not just a convenient way to get around – they are emblems of what the future will look like in terms of car use; they are a visual reminder that Bristol is the Green Capital of Europe; and they are a sustainable way for us to get out to events right across the city and engage with members of the public about what it means to create a happier, healthier city for future generations.”

Electric vehicle charging points are available across Bristol, as part of the Source West public charging network.

For more information about the events taking place as part of Bristol European Green Capital 2015, visit www.bristol2015.co.uk.