Believ on-street charge point

Waltham Forest Council installs 48 new Believ EV charge points

Nic Ryan

Electric vehicle (EV) charge point infrastructure is set to further expand in Waltham Forest with 48 new charge points being installed in the borough.

The new charge points will be installed by Virgin Media O2 and operated by Believ, formerly Liberty Charge.

The installations come as Waltham Forest Council continues its commitment to addressing climate change at a local level, by reducing CO₂ emissions and promoting its sustainable transport strategy, as well as encouraging residents to transition to low and no emission vehicles.

“With the 2030 deadline around the corner and with EVs becoming more accessible, our focus must be on promoting and facilitating their use, now and in the future,” said 

Cllr Clyde Loakes, Waltham Forest Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Climate and Air Quality.

“Believ’s fully funded model is a huge advantage to us as a local authority.

“It means we can bypass government funding and make charge points available for resident use quicker – and at no cost to us or the taxpayer. 

“Visibility of a public charge point network is essential to help encourage EV adoption.”

As outlined in its EV Charge Point Strategy, Waltham Forest Council plans to have a charge point in every controlled parking zone in the borough by 2025.

“Across the UK generally, the progress towards the 2030 target of 300,000 charge points is not fast enough, so it is very encouraging to see a local authority making such good headway in their EV strategy,” said Believ CEO, Perran Moon.

The sites have been installed across the council and can be found on the Zapmap app or web map by using the Network filter and selecting Believ.