Bristol Cribbs Causeway gets new Tesla Supercharger

Bristol Cribbs Causeway gets new Tesla Supercharger


Tesla has announced Cribbs Causeway in Bristol (BS34 5QU) as the 9th UK location to get a supercharging station.

Cribbs Causeway has been fitted with 2 Supercharger stalls in the John Lewis car park.

The electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer is in the process of building a public charging network of high-powered (120kW) charging points across the UK designed for use by Tesla drivers.

What’s more the charging points are free for Tesla owners, for life and mean that a Model S can travel the length of the country with a just a 20 minute charging break.

The Cribbs Causeway shopping centre is already host to two multi-standard charging points, equipped with rapid CHAdeMO, rapid CCS, and fast type 2 connections, operated by the Source West network. [NOTE: these have been reported as out of service – 30/10/2014]

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