Plug-ins comprise over 23% of vehicle sales in October

Charging provider Life EV launches on the market


Life EV, formed by the former Franklin Energy team, has commenced trading with a number of key clients. The company, which specialises in providing commercial electric vehicle (EV) charging services to a variety of different clients and organisations, will provide systems and services for EV drivers, location hosts and public bodies, working with new investment to make significant impact on delivering solutions for low carbon transport.  

Drawing on years of experience, the team will continue to specialise in building comprehensive networks of AC and DC charging points, working in all destination parking locations, fleet depots and public authorities.

“The progressive development of electric vehicles is driving a need to provide the best charging infrastructure using the best supply side capabilities, best driver services and agility to adopt new technologies as they become viable,” said Chris Petch, Managing Director of Life EV.

Life EV has also formed a strategic alliance with the national adi Group, a long established engineering and installation business with over 30 years of working with some of the UK’s largest blue-chip Companies. adi have around 600 employees throughout the UK and Ireland, offering a range of service across its 23 business divisions. One such division is adi vehicle charging solutions (VCS), a business specialising in the installation and maintenance of EVCP’s.

With the ability to draw on the resources of the adi Group, adi VCS is able to provide full turnkey solutions from concept through to design, installation and ongoing maintenance.  

“Alongside our investors and location partners, as well as through our strategic alliance with the adi Group, we aim to rapidly grow a network of accessible charging points up and down the country to address the lack of EV charging within our markets,” Petch continued. 

Ritchie Webb, Managing Director of adi VCS, also commented: “adi is delighted to be creating a partnership with Life EV to deliver with them a comprehensive EV charging Infrastructure to support the drive to low carbon transport in a sustainable way. We have worked with the people at Life EV over a long period of time and have confidence in their enthusiasm and experience to continue the business strategy that complements our own strategic ambitions.”