Parents find EVs best for helping young children fall asleep

Parents find EVs best for helping young children fall asleep


Parents who have switched to electric and plug-in hybrid (as well as hybrid) vehicles say their current cars are more effective in helping young children fall asleep than the previous petrol or diesel cars they have owned, according to the latest research by Citroën UK.

The study, conducted in March/April 2022, surveyed 2,000 UK parents who drive and have babies or young children under five.

It found that over 56% of those owning an electric, plug-in hybrid or hybrid vehicle said their child found it easier or as easy to nod off in their current car, compared to petrol or diesel models they had previously owned. 15.8% were unsure either way, but nearly half (44%) of all the parents surveyed said they had taken their child on a short car journey specifically to help them fall asleep.

Citroën UK’s research also highlighted how effective using a car can be to help kids have a snooze, with the data showing that on average it takes a child just over 16 minutes to fall asleep in a car, with 96% of parents saying their child typically falls asleep in 30 minutes or less.

The top factors that parents felt were most beneficial in helping babies and young children fall asleep on a car journey, were the gentle movements of the vehicle on the road (46%), a comfortable in-car temperature (41%) and a comfortable car seat (40%). More than a third of parents (34%) told Citroën that they find a smooth drive to be the most important factor to help their child nod off.

“Taking a child for a short drive in a car is a tried and tested method for many parents, and our research shows it can help younger children fall asleep quicker than at home,” said Eurig Druce, Citroën UK’s Managing Director.

“The smooth and silent drive from electric vehicles creates an even more calming environment for children and parents alike.”

citroen survey finds evs help children fall asleep

96% of parents said their child typically falls asleep in 30 minutes or less.

Citroën currently offers a range of nine electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. The pure-electric ë-C4 features a 50kWh battery with a WLTP-certified range of up to 219 miles, while the larger ë-Berlingo Electric offers either five or seven-seats, and a range of up to 174 miles (WLTP). Both models are capable of 100kW rapid charging, meaning an 80% re-charge takes as little as 30 minutes.