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Ionity claims Europe easier than ever by EV

Nic Ryan

Ultra-rapid charging network IONITY has revealed the results of a study by elementenergy, which shows that almost 70% of over 14,000 respondents from seven European countries would rather drive an electric vehicle (EV) than a combustion engine car if access to the charging infrastructure were easy.

IONITY is building and operating the largest open brand high-power charging (HPC) network along European highways - HPC charging capacity of up to 350 kW allows maximum charging speeds.

As a Zapmap live data partner in the UK, IONITY charge points show live status information on the Zapmap app and web map across the country, meaning Zapmap users can make informed choices on which charge point location to route to based on availability. The network currently comprises around 170 ultra-rapid charging devices in the UK.

On the continent, IONITY is also keen to share tips to explore Europe by EV this summer, as its number of charge point locations along European motorways has increased fivefold since 2018. 

Read on to explore travel planning and learn about charging etiquette which is particularly important during peak travel season.


IONITY charge point location

As a commitment to sustainability, IONITY sources renewable energy only for both emission-free and carbon neutral driving.


Popular holiday countries very well covered

IONITY’s pan-European charging network open to all brands already covers popular holiday destinations such as France, Italy or Germany very well. With a total of 128 charging parks and 672 charge points, France is at the forefront in terms of fast charging infrastructure. IONITY already operates numerous charging parks with up to 18 charging along the “Sunshine Highway” from north to south or the popular Mediterranean coast from Nice to Marseille, many of them with solar roofs.

In Germany, IONITY extended sites with new charging points at heavily frequented locations. The site in Linthe on the A9 between Berlin and Leipzig, for example, has been extended from  six to twelve charge points; on the A7 at Kirchheimer Dreieck, IONITY added a second charging park with twelve charge points to better meet the growing charging demand.

In addition, thanks to new IONITY stations such as in Affi at lake Garda or near Rome, it is now possible for the first time to reach Naples in Southern Italy and even drive to Sicily by electric car. 


Planning and preparation is particularly important during the peak travel season

Like in previous years, charging processes per day are expected to be higher in the summer months of July and August than in the other months of the year. That is why careful route planning and comprehensive preparation are important now. On weekdays and at off-peak times in the early morning or late evening, it tends to be quieter at the charging parks. IONITY offers Plug & Charge technology at all its sites. With Plug & Charge the car automatically authenticates itself to the charging station and carries out the charging and payment process.


Further tips for holiday or business trips are compiled in the IONITY Summer Travel Guide or head to Zapmap’s guide to sustainable EV adventures in the South West of England in partnership with South West 660.