NewMotion and Greenlots to become Shell Recharge Solutions

NewMotion and Greenlots to become Shell Recharge Solutions


NewMotion and its US counterpart Greenlots are to be rebranded – as Shell Recharge Solutions. The companies will implement the rebranding in early 2022, bringing together Shell’s international range of charging solutions under one identity.

Shell, which acquired the Dutch company NewMotion in autumn 2017 and US company Greenlots in early 2019, says that the new unified identity will support its goal of “enabling cleaner mobility – at home, at work and on the move”.

“Our aim will be to offer a future-proof one-stop-shop for organisations of any size to build out the infrastructure they need to drive EV adoption forwards,” said NewMotion CEO, Melanie Lane, in a statement on the company’s website.

“It’s a move which reflects the need to pool the best of our innovations and talents, create a globally-recognised platform for EV charging, and translate the lessons learned in more mature markets to those where the journey to electric mobility is just beginning.”

NewMotion will bring its experience in home charging solutions and roaming services to Shell Recharge Solutions, while Greenlots will bring its expertise in charging networks and fleet services.

“The upcoming brand change will help Shell to move our electric charging capability and offer from local to global, ” said Roger Hunter, vice president Shell Electric Mobility.

“We will unify our brand, our people, and our capabilities across Europe, Asia and North America, ensuring we are better placed to provide our customers with the EV charging solutions they need.”

Shell Recharge Solutions will continue to offer the familiar NewMotion services. On the one hand, the company sells Shell Recharge hardware and software solutions for the home and for workplace charging. On the other, NewMotion operates the Shell Recharge public roaming network, which is also offered as a white-label solution for third-party customers. The charging network provides access to more than 250,000 public charging points in more than 35 European countries.

“While customers will soon become familiar with the name Shell Recharge Solutions, nothing will change overnight. The full rebrand is set to be put into place in early 2022, and our relationships with existing customers and partners will not be affected,” Lane continued.

“In the months and years which follow, however, we will be building up the business’s headcount and activity to pursue more strongly the vision that NewMotion was founded with all that time ago.”