OLEV to reduce cap on EV Homecharge grants from 13 April 2015

OLEV to reduce cap on EV Homecharge grants from 13 April 2015


As part of the £43 million government support package, announced by the Office of Low Emission Vehicles last week, £15 million will be dedicated to continuing the EV Homecharge scheme from 13th April 2015.

The EV Homecharge scheme allows charge point manufacturers to offer EV drivers a convenient means of charging at their home at low-cost, some manufacturers offer units free-of-charge.

The current scheme, launched in September 2014, will be refreshed next month with one important alteration: ULEV drivers, from 13th April 2015, will receive a 75% grant capped at £700 (instead of the £900 under the current scheme).

For this reason, those considering having a charge point installed at their home should act fast to take advantage of the higher cap.

NOTE: Grants are only available to individuals who own, lease or are nominated as the primary user of an eligible electric vehicle from 1 July 2014 onwards. Residents must provide evidence of ownership or be named as the primary driver of an electric car/plug-in hybrid to be considered for the grant.

The government’s been committed to the EV Homecharge Scheme since February 2013 and remains so with this newest funding announcement.

For those EV drivers unable to install a charge point at home or needing to recharge further afield, see all the publically available charging points in the UK on Zap-Map Live or the recently released Zap-Map mobile app.