SWARCO and Cornwall Council partnership to deliver EV chargers across the county

SWARCO and Cornwall Council partnership to deliver EV chargers across the county


SWARCO Smart Charging, a UK provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, has signed a significant new partnership agreement with Cornwall Council to supply, install, maintain and operate EV charging points throughout the county over the next four years.

These will be a mix of 7kW AC, 22kW AC and 50kW DC chargers. The agreement includes the delivery of European Regional Development Funded charge points in 2022-23, as part of the Drive EV2 project.

With petrol and diesel vehicles accounting for almost 15% of emissions, Cornwall Council is supporting the development of a network of EV chargers as part of its commitment to decarbonise transport and become carbon neutral by 2030. Residents and visitors will be able to utilise readily available charging facilities, ensuring electric vehicles are a viable alternative.

The partnership’s primary objective will be the development of Cornwall’s strategic network of EV charge points. Both organisations are committed to ensuring that residents within the county, and visitors, will be able to confidently find, and use a charger, to support their travel needs.

As part of this combined commitment, SWARCO Smart Charging has committed to long-term investment in the region for funding rapid and ultra-rapid charging hubs, to complement the Council’s electrification efforts.

“This collaboration brings together a motivation to make EV charging a reality for the people of Cornwall,” said Justin Meyer, Managing Director at SWARCO Smart charging.

“With the growing demand for sustainability, and the fast rise in popularity of EVs across the country, SWARCO’s ambition to bring quick charging to Cornwall is a duty that will assure ease of access, solutions, and reliability.

“We are committed to moving towards a future that helps Cornwall Council support the transition for the UK to become a low-carbon economy.”

The Drive EV2 project has received £3,625,00 from the England European Regional Development Fund, which helps local areas stimulate their economic development by investing in projects which will support innovation, businesses, create jobs and local community regenerations.

SWARCO Smart Charging provides EV charging infrastructure along with the systems and services to support them, and has more than 8,000 charging points installed across the UK. SWARCO Smart Charging is part of SWARCO – an international group providing the complete range of products, systems, services and solutions for road safety and intelligent traffic management to support the mobility needs of society and lower-transport-related emissions.