Mercedes Benz EQC review

Mercedes Benz EQC review

Zapmap verdict: ”Refined, comfortable, and quick, the Mercedes Benz EQC offers an alternative approach for those looking for a premium SUV – electric or otherwise.”

mercedes benz eqc review

  • OTR: £65,720
  • Category: SUV
  • Tax: £0 VED – 0% BIK
  • Cost to charge: £12.80
  • Emissions: 0 g/km CO2
  • Cost per mile of range: £254

Mercedes Benz EQC: Range & charging

mercedes benz eqc review

A long range and ultra-rapid charging mean the Mercedes Benz EQC has the potential to easily replace family SUVs powered by petrol or diesel engines.

There is one configuration of the Mercedes Benz EQC available:

    • ● Mercedes Benz EQC – 300 kW – 80 kWh – 259 miles


Official range figures for the Mercedes Benz EQC vary between 259 and 232 miles on a charge, depending on trim level. It’s similar to what rival models from Audi and Jaguar can offer, and the Mercedes Benz gets very close to official figures with ease.

Real-world tests saw an average of 235 miles on a charge achievable, over a mixture of routes and covering plenty of miles. This is a calculated figure from full to near empty charge, rather than relying on the predicted range from the car.


Mercedes makes efficient brake energy recuperation easy, with five levels ranging from coasting to hard braking controllable with steering wheel-mounted paddles. There’s also an auto option which uses radar to calculate regen required to the car in front, and can use navigation to further predict braking and throttle requirements.


The EQC is able to be charged at up to 110 kW on DC units, and up to 7.4 kW on AC charge points. Charging is carried out via a CCS inlet, with a charge from a home or public point taking around 11 hours, and a 10-80% charge on an ultra-rapid unit taking up to 40 minutes.


The Mercedes Benz EQC on the road

mercedes benz eqc review

Featuring all-wheel drive and two electric motors, the Mercedes Benz EQC produces 408 hp and 760 Nm of torque. It means the 2.5 tonne SUV can get from standing to 62mph in just 5.1 seconds, so the EQC is certainly no slouch.

What’s the Mercedes Benz EQC like to drive?

The EQC is one comfortable car to drive, featuring the best features one might associate with Mercedes Benz. It’s refined – more so than most other cars, even EVs – and cosseting, with an ability to feel easy to drive everywhere, from built-up areas to motorways.

Mercedes Benz EQC: Comfort & Practicality

mercedes benz eqc review

Mercedes Benz EQC: Interior

Although not a vastly spacious SUV, the EQC can easily accommodate four adults with good levels of head, leg, and shoulder room for all. It’s got a large boot as well, and the Mercedes makes quite a case as a practical car. Comfort is excellent throughout, with very good seats, even over long distances.

Design and functionality

The cabin is well designed, premium, and built to a high standard. The twin-screen set-up for driver’s instruments and infotainment looks good, and the materials used throughout are of an excellent quality. Mercedes’ MBUX system is easy to use and intuitive, and the ‘Hey Mercedes’ natural voice command system is one of the best in the car industry as a whole.


Mercedes Benz EQC: Tech & Specifications

mercedes benz eqc review

There are four core trim levels available. Included as standard are:

  1. Twin 10.25-inch driver and infotainment screens
  2. Heated front seats
  3. Leather upholstery
  4. LED headlights with band front and rear
  5. Keyless entry and start
  6. 19-inch alloys
  7. Parking package with reversing camera

Is the Mercedes Benz EQC a good car?

The Mercedes Benz EQC is a pricey machine, but it’s a very good all-rounder. A strong range means drivers will be able to cover 200+ miles with ease, even in real-world conditions, and ultra-rapid charging keeps stopping times short. It’s stylish, comfortable, practical, and lovely to sit in – a great option for buyers looking at premium SUVs.

And how much is the road tax on a Mercedes Benz EQC? Use our Car Tax Calculator to find out.


The Mercedes Benz EQC’s rivals


Jaguar I-Pace

Offers a longer range and better driving dynamics, but it’s not as spacious or comfortable as the Mercedes.


Audi e-tron

Similar range and similar interior space, the e-tron drives a little sportier and can charge faster than the EQC.


Tesla Model X

A longer range, seating for up to seven, and more interior space, the Tesla can’t match build quality and costs a lot more.

All information above correct at time of publication. Official economy figures, pricing, and tax rates supplied by the manufacturer. Cost to charge based on 0-100% charge at home on a tariff of 16 p/kWh.