EV manufacturers join forces on UK Rapid Charge Network

EV manufacturers join forces on UK Rapid Charge Network


Electric vehicle manufacturers, Nissan, BMW, Renault and Volkswagen, have united to facilitate an inter-operable and multi-standard rapid charging network across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The UK Rapid Charge Network (RCN), a product of the European Unions Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) programme, has for the first time brought together leading EV manufacturers to accelerate the growth of charging infrastructure.

The project aims to install 74 rapid charging points in the UK and Ireland. Moreover, the rapid chargers will all be state-of-the-art multi-standard units that are compatible with EVs using 44kW CCS, 44kW CHAdeMO or 43kW AC systems. (Find out more about EV-connector compatibility by using the Connector Selector).

The network will cover over 650 miles of major trunk roads, providing an EV-friendly connection to five seaports and five international airports. It will operate on two priority road axis (see map below) and link cities including Stranraer, Liverpool, Holyhead, Birmingham, Felixstowe, Leeds and Kingston upon Hull, with further connections to existing networks in Dublin and Belfast in Ireland.

rapid charge network

The EU will half-fund the €7+ million scheme, with the other main contributor being Nissan. Further funding will be sourced from fellow consortium members Renault, BMW and Volkswagen and ESB Ireland’s Electricity Supply Board. The project will also draw on the expertise of Zero Carbon Futures and Newcastle University.

General Manager for Zero Emission Strategy & Corporate Planning at Nissan, Olivier Paturet, said: “Nissan is delighted to be leading this important initiative. The UK’s Rapid Charge Network will provide a vital sense of security for all EV drivers, not just those using the award-winning Nissan LEAF, as well as helping to promote the advantages of zero emission mobility to others.”

In terms of operation and access, the Rapid Charge Network has teamed up with existing network operators Ecotricity (UK) and ESB (Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland). Ecotricity already have the largest coverage of rapid chargers in the UK and this partnership will only serve to extend its reach further.

You can see all the rapid charging points in the UK, including those operated by Ecotricity, on Zap-Map Live. Alternativley, to find out more about the RCN project go to http://rapidchargenetwork.com/.

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