Siemens reveals new wall-mounted Rapid DC charging point

Siemens reveals new wall-mounted Rapid DC charging point


Siemens has unveiled a new compact, wall-mounted electric vehicle charging unit that will provide an 80% charge in under an hour.

Developed in alignment with all industry standards, the Siemens QC24S 24kW rapid DC charging point can be fitted with either CHAdeMO or CCS connection on a tethered cable.

This means it can charge a variety of rapid DC capable vehicles, including popular models like the Nissan LEAF, VW e-Golf, BMW i3 and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

This new charging unit has been designed in order to fit within a charging infrastructure network, equipped with back-office connectivity built-in 3G and LAN communications. It also comes in a range of colours so points can be easily branded.

Siemens already supply a rapid EV charging points to a number of public networks, including Source West; this new unit offers a lightweight and compact alternative to the large multi-standard units commonly associated with rapid charging.

EV Fleet World, Siemens