In-car support FAQs

car support faqs

This section of the FAQs addresses your frequently asked questions about in-car support, such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Related electric vehicle and charging issues are covered in our other FAQs pages.

What are Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are the in-car versions of the iOS and Android mobile device operating systems. They provide a simplified version of any app that supports Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in order to make it suitable for use whilst driving.

What are the benefits of using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto with Zap-Map?

The in-car version of Zap-Map has three main features:

Locating charge points
You can see all the charge points close to your current location, identify suitable points using the filters or search another area.

Viewing live charge point status
You can see the details of each charge point including live charge point status data (where available) and the latest EV driver chats.

Accessing route plans
You can pull up routes that you have planned on the mobile app and punch out to Apple Maps or Google Maps to get turn-by-turn directions.

How do I get access to Zap-Map on Apple CarPlay or Android Auto?

Support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is included in our Zap-Map Premium subscription service. Once subscribed (and logged in to the app on your mobile device) you will be able to connect to your in-car media system or head unit and access Zap-Map.

If you are not subscribed and/or logged in you will see a message saying, ‘You must be logged in and subscribed to our Premium service to use Zap-Map on Apple CarPlay’.

See how to find EV charge points even quicker and drive smarter with in-car support from Zap-Map Premium in the video below.

What is the difference between Zap-Map on the mobile app and in-car (Apple CarPlay or Android Auto)?

The in-car apps support the following features:

  1. Map view showing the closest locations (limited to 12 on iOS) to the center of the map along with their Network, Status and Distance.
  2. List view showing the closest locations (limited to 12 on iOS) to the center of the map and their Network, Power (Ultra-rapid/Rapid/Fast/Slow), Status (Available, Charging, Offline), Rating and Distance.
  3. Locations can be opened to provide further information such as the Devices, Connector types and their Status, Network, Rating, Pricing, Distance, Address and Facilities.
  4. Locations can be used to open a navigation app which can then provide turn-by-turn directions.

The following filters are available within the in-car apps:

  1. One or more ‘EV Model’ filters, which allow you to only show locations compatible with your vehicle.
  2. ‘Charge type’ filter to limit locations to those which only have rapid or fast charge points (dependent upon active EV Model).
  3. ‘Payment methods’ filter to limit locations to those which support Zap-Pay or Contactless payment.
  4. ‘Best locations’ filter, which allows you to limit locations to those with three or more devices and/or three or more ‘stars’.
  5. ‘Access type’ filter, which allows you to limit locations to those which offer 24Hr access or Taxi-only charging.

Route Plans created in Zap-Map are listed and each ‘stop’ can be viewed and used to open your in-car navigation app.

How do I use Apple CarPlay now that I’m subscribed?

You will need an iPhone or iPad running a minimum of iOS 14 installed and an Apple CarPlay compatible in-car device.

Once you connect your Apple device to the CarPlay unit, Zap-Map will become available within Apple CarPlay, alongside the other Apple CarPlay compatible apps you have.

How do I use Android Auto now that I’m subscribed?

Using Android Auto is easy to set up once you are subscribed to Zap-Map Premium.

From an Android device, connect your phone to your car and open the Android Auto app, then follow the on-screen instructions. The Zap-Map app should appear automatically on your in-car screen or head-unit display.

I have a question that isn’t listed here?

Any other questions, please email into to get help and support from our Community team.