Route Planner FAQs

route planner faqs

To use the Route Planner you must be registered with Zap-Map and signed into your account. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Route Planner. If you would like to see these FAQs in action, you can check out our YouTube playlist on route planning. Other Zap-Map, user account, electric vehicle, and charging questions are covered in separate FAQs pages.

What is the Route Planner?

The Route Planner allows electric vehicle (EV) drivers to plan a route in their electric car based on journey parameters, EV models and driver options. There are three different routing modes: Autoroute, Suggest chargers and Show all chargers. Routes can be saved and retrieved within the mobile app or in-car system.

How do I plan a route on Zap-Map?

To plan a route using Route Planner, tap into ‘Routes’ in the bottom menu of the app. If you’re not already logged in, it will prompt you to do so:

Step 1: Enter your route, including your start point and destination plus any waypoints.

Step 2: Confirm your route and the system will display the route, distance, time, average speed and estimated energy used.

Step 3: Pick from three different routing modes and choose your other settings within the ‘More options’ button.

Step 4: Add your charge stop(s) if you had selected either ‘Show all chargers’ or ‘Suggest chargers’ on the previous step, otherwise the new autoroute mode skips this step.

Step 5: Review and save your route, naming it if you wish.

Step 6: Retrieve your route plan, either from the Routes page or on CarPlay (if subscribed to the Premium plan), with the option to view, edit or navigate along your electric journey.

What are ‘Autoroute’ and the other routing modes?

Autoroute is the brand new routing mode. Based on EV model, journey parameters and driver options, it creates a complete route with charge points pre-selected en-route. All you have to do is click ‘Save’.

‘Show all chargers’, when selected, lets you see all of the chargers along the suggested route.

‘Suggest chargers’ shows a suggested cluster of chargers along your route.

Can I plan a route without an EV model?

As routes are calculated using an EV model’s range, it is required to enter your vehicle to use the route planner. If you haven’t already added an EV model to your Zap-Map profile, you will need to specify one in the route plan options. Once this has been added or updated, it will be saved to your Zap-Map profile.

To add an EV model at this step, tap on ‘Add vehicle’ and go through picking the make and model, then tap ‘Save’, then ‘Close’ and your EV will appear.

Can I save my route plan and view and/or edit it later?

Your route plans will be saved under ‘Routes’. Once saved, they can be opened and viewed as a list or on the map.

To edit your saved route, select the route you want to edit and click ‘Edit’ to go back to Step 4 and edit the charger selections. If you need to go back further, tap the back button to choose a different route, edit driver options, and add waypoints.

How many routes can I save?

As a standard registered user you can save three route plans. With Zap-Map Plus you can save six route plans and with Zap-Map Premium you can save unlimited routes. Perfect for people who travel a lot!

Can I delete my route plan?

Routes can be deleted in the app by tapping the trashcan symbol or by swiping left on a route plan. On the desktop, click on ‘Delete’.

The route I expected has not been suggested: what should I do?

After defining your route and options, the autoroute will suggest a route with distance, time, average speed and energy use. If your desired route is not suggested, go back to your route plan and add a waypoint.

What if I don’t need to stop for a charge on my journey?

If the estimated drive range is longer than the journey distance, the system will let you know and give you the option to go back and edit driver options. To complete the route, even if your EV doesn’t require a charge, you must add a stop.

Can I see more charge point location details?

If you would like to see more details about a potential charge point location before adding it to your route, pull up the InfoBox by swiping up on it, with connector status, price, and access details, plus the latest Zap-Chat community updates.

I have a question that isn’t listed here?

Any other questions, please email into to get help and support from our Community team.