Zap-Map Plus / Premium FAQs

zap map premium faqs

This section of the FAQs addresses your frequently asked questions about subscriptions to Zap-Map Plus and Zap-Map Premium. Related issues are covered in our other FAQs pages.

What are Zap-Map Plus and Zap-Map Premium?

Zap-Map Plus and Zap-Map Premium are subscription plans that provide enhanced features for electric vehicle (EV) drivers to help you plan quicker and drive smarter. Follow the link below to see all the different features in our comparison table.

When are Zap-Map Plus and Zap-Map Premium available?

Zap-Map Plus and Zap-Map Premium are available on the latest version of Zap-Map for both Apple / iOS and Android devices.

What do I get with Zap-Map Plus?

Zap-Map Plus helps EV drivers plan quicker. Based on user feedback, Zap-Map Plus includes a number of new ways to locate suitable charge points via enhanced filter options.

New filters include filtering by new charge points, multiple locations, user rating and more detailed location types. Zap-Map Plus also enables EV drivers to save more user filters and route plans and to add multiple vehicles.

By popular demand, EV drivers can also see what3word addresses for charge points and the app can be enjoyed ad-free.

What do I get with Zap-Map Premium?

Zap-Map Premium helps EV drivers drive smarter. As well as all of Zap-Map Plus’ enhanced features, with Zap-Map Premium Zap-Map is now available within the in-car dashboard via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This means EV drivers can locate suitable charge points, view live charge point status and access route plans whilst on the move.

In addition, Zap-Map Premium enables EV drivers to save unlimited filters, route plans and EV models.

See what you get with Zap-Map Plus and Zap-Map Premium in the video below.

How much do they cost?

Zap-Map Plus is available on a monthly and annual subscription. The annual subscription is £2.49 per month (£29.99 per year) whilst the monthly subscription is £4.99.

Zap-Map Premium is available on a monthly and annual subscription. The annual subscription is £3.99 per month (£47.99 per year) whilst the monthly subscription is £7.99.

How do I get either Zap-Map Plus or Premium?

To get either Zap-Map Plus or Premium, make sure you’re registered within the app, tap into ‘Settings’ and scroll to ‘Account’ and tap on ‘Subscriptions’. Here you will be able to see all the details and subscribe.

Can I try before I buy?

There is a 7-day free trial available on both iOS and Android – for the annual plans of both Zap-Map Plus and Premium. There is no trial for the monthly subscription.

Users must input payment details and then cancel the subscription before the trial period has finished if they do not wish to continue with the subscription.

It is only possible to have one free trial of the app.

I can see padlocks: what do they mean?

The padlock icons shown across the app indicate where new features can be unlocked by either Zap-Map Plus or Premium.

How can I get rid of the ads on the app?

To remove ads from the app, upgrade to either Zap-Map Plus or Premium for the best experience.

Can I upgrade from Zap-Map Plus to Premium after I sign up?

Yes, it is possible to change from Zap-Map Plus to Premium and get those extra features.

To change your plan, go to the ‘Settings’ tab on iOS or the hamburger menu on Android within the app, tap ‘Subscriptions’, then ‘Manage Subscriptions’. Within ‘Manage Subscriptions’, you have the ability to then decide on which subscription you want by clicking on it.

What can I still use if I don’t have a subscription?

All of Zap-Map’s core features are free and will remain free. This includes the ability to search for charge points, use the filters, view the charge point info, add chats and plan routes.

We will continue to develop free features. The latest version of the app has upgraded the connector and power rating filters and the user interface. The route planner has also been updated for all users, it now includes an autoroute routing method that creates a complete route with charge points selected, making routes easier to create!

What happens if I change my mind within the free trial?

If you do change your mind and decide to downgrade, just go to the relevant app store and cancel the subscription. If you were trying the free trial, you won’t be charged. However, if you have bought a monthly or annual subscription, the subscription will run to the end of the billing period.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription from Zap-Map on the Apple App Store please do the following: Open the App Store and tap on your profile picture at the top right, then tap Subscriptions. You may need to sign in with your Apple ID. Choose a subscription, then click cancel.

To cancel your subscription on the Google Play store, please do the following: Open the Google Play app, at the top right, tap the profile icon. Then tap Payments & Subscriptions and then Subscriptions, which will show your live subscriptions, select the subscription you wish to cancel and tap cancel subscription, then follow the instructions.

I have a question that isn’t listed here?

Any other questions, please email into to get help and support from our Community team.